history scatters its seed
Into coming generations 
A bickering people
In bloodied lands
Splitting forth
injustice of aggresors
Annihilation of humaneness
The folly of greed
Leering at innocence
An adulterated energy
Unbound by shame

who will take to task?
who will you take to task?

Under a violent sky
People drown in
The devil is the auditor
He oozes green
The world hears 
his anthem

Peace is a lost cause?


Carrying blossoms scent
On wet arms
A moist current
 Bedewing floral brooks
Gurgling, gushing acqua
An ambrosial shower
Deliquescing, delighting senses
A redolent zephyr
Rubbing tree tops
Curling wrinkled leaves
Wafting through chimneys
Carrying savory odors
Tingling, reawakening yearnings
Drenching and enveloping
Charging the atmosphere
With sparkling, virgin crystals
Dewy and dancing gleefully
Carried by the breeze
Tumbling through shrubbery
Cascading through soil
As water swishes
A cooling mist rises
Enfolding the landscape
In a glistening mantle
Of gleaming greenery.

Rag Doll

A collaboration with the amazingly talented Diana @mahbuttitches17.wordpress.com


Thank you for doing this with me. I couldn’t have done it without you.

Well, I'll be damned
With a swift kick in the soul
God created woman
In the rib of Adam, Eve was planned
Pieces not fitting, God left a hole
An obedient toy to woo man.

Eve's taste for apples, blamed for the fall
Poor Adam, a victim to her insidious plot
Woman, now a synonym for original sin.

She's in a no win win situation
A catch 22 persuasion
For a sin,no known demarcation
Are we all set for damnation?

As Sodom and Gomorrah, poor Lot
His wife showed her salt, a sinner imbued
Too stupid to listen when instructed to.

God made woman
He forgot they were human too
The devil still asking his due
The sword of Damocles hanging ovr her head
She has satan himself in her bed.

But these rag dolls have more than meets the eye
As men falter to meet the crease in her thigh
Blame cast for the rights made wrong.

There are two kinds of hell
Two lands to dwell
The human hell
Living inside eggshells
The human dead hell
Dying inside a prison of fleshy cells
From frying pan to fire, we dwell.

I hear the devil laughing.

Though God made woman servant of man
A snake brought a change to the plan
Its venom runs in our veins
Evil creeps untamed
Burning sights, burning hearts
Desperate search for that one peace.

For a Madonna, a Mary, or a commonplace whore
The fall of man was just another chore
These dolls are not just toys
They are darkness and light
The power of her flower, are the wrongs made right...

The devil still has the last laugh.


ink on my soul

my quill spells my soul
sensations of the spirit
that which makes me whole
my ink trails a rendezvous
a pursuit of paradise..

i venture deeper
embracing my emotions
seeking language
resolving my lust for writing
my soul's sojourn into me...



odyssey’s sweet mayhem

I bleed shyly 
into a chalice that 
holds my heartbeat:
sonnet of life that binds
the breathtaking balance
of reason,
I go through the tradition
of sweet mayhem;
the ardor of intuition, as
poems illuminate laws of love
embellishing eros
breathing in the exotic 
of inquisitive senses...

even as sorrow seduces me
in life's suspense
the abduction of peace
like a calumny..
searching for the 
impulsive power 
of a poet's passion
embracing candor

emotions confirm
sanctity of my sanity

in an ocean
named odyssey
I consume starlight
I touch aurum....

#vers libre

when gravity becomes zero

No direction No home
who's that knocking at my door?
Feel like going home
Great expectations 
From dusk till dawn
The possibility of hope
You owe me one..

Destiny turns on the radio
It's Pat
Eyes wide shut 
Past midnight
Fear and desire 
A killer's kiss

double dare
Somebody to love
True romance 

Planet Terror
Sin city
Natural born killers
Inglorious bastards
Bringing out the dead
After hours
Round midnight
The children of men
The Goodfellas

Not quite Hollywood

Dedicated to my favourite movie directors