Autumn Rain

pearl-like rain
glosses the vista
gleaming plops
borne by handmaidens of wind
gushing into brooks
spilling the
leas, meads, and meadows
bubbling bright
crystal fine
tinkling, cruising the zephyr
spate of rhythmic rush
a pouring
from a sky so vast
flimsy clouds
come down fast
dribbling, drenching, drip dropping
gossamer droplets tap.

# shadorma

October Chill

autumn comes
upon trees
coppery soft
frail amber blooms
gather shadows
north winds stir
rosette twilight
birdsongs hush
the whispering breeze
orange, red maple leaves
ignite a crimson light
October lilts
frosted sigh
pumpkin moon
adorns ebon frilled sky


once upon a night, I dreamed
a dream that I often thought
went beyond what I deemed
would come true, but came to naught.

an uneasy slumber gave
no reprieve, as I tossed, turned
to drowse I did badly crave
eyelids flickered open, yearned

for bliss of oblivion
attained in night’s dormancy
a quiescent soul shaken
by somnolent truancy.

Drifting Dreams

His hands write a verse on her page
She is the pen he holds in his embrace.
He is the ink that flows in this escape
On empty lines they move they drape
They walk the pages and try to shape
A journey they both walk to create
Like two dreams dreaming side by side
Two breaths melting into soulful flight
They fill their page with symphony
Words sparkle like stars in the infinity
unfinished thoughts scatter the ether
Words emote , spill , they find a breather
He sees her in the soft murmur of her reverie
She hears his voice in the song playing in her memory
They find each other inside a rainbow
Bringing dreams to life, losing all their sorrow.

My Dead Story

Where the hell was I 
I was left high and dry
taking a bullet to the head
When I went to bed
That’s how I ended up dead
The angels flew me on their wings
Singing songs on strings of violins
They took me right up the high road to hell
Hightailing out of the sky noisy as hells bell
It was devil’s luck I swore
On fairy wings they did bear
This human who was human no more
Just a wisp of a spirit with too many words in store
They flew me to almighty’s mansion
I expected the Big guy to show me compassion

But …

There was a ‘no disturb sign’ on heavens door
I passed out before I could explore
Knock knock knocking on heavens door
Nobody answered my , ‘can I come in’
was I being punished for my worldly sins?
A no win win situation
I wanted to raise hell
Hell was being raised on ‘nother station
I was running out of patience
Looked like god was out of town
lucifer on his ‘get about town’ round
A life cut short waiting to be found.
Back on earth a killer roamed free who had me downed.


der wald
ein samkeit—
I lose

Waldeinsamkeit is an eloquent evocative German word which loosely translates as the feeling of being alone in the woods . An archaic German term for expressing solitude and peace of the forest.