Star spangled sky serenades sweethearts
Heavens glitter, moon ravishes
Lovers in dewy silver
Showers bathing, cooling
Smoldering embers
Sparks light the night


This thing called Love

Poet’s imagination
Fatal deception
Temporary attraction
Fickle obsession
Dreamer’s hallucination
Forbidden tempatation
Conscience violation
unsustenable emotion
Illogical supposition
Senseless intuition
Insensible preposition
Irrational ambition
Preposterous condition



silvered dew sparkles
embellishing the expanse
an argent gliding
of luminous corundums
dazzle in nature’s mural

bejewelled, sequined
icicles fluoresce chasteness,
a Puffin breaks ice
as the fragrance of Snowdrops
envelopes silken snowflakes


pasta perfect

a partiality for pasta, pleasure derive
on this bonne bouche, I mostly survive
chicken and vegetable lasagna
a palatable pasta phenomena
luscious chicken in creamy white sauce
mushrooms, baby corn, broccoli, parsley
delectable thyme infusion, palate to tease

sliced bologna, minced meat,olives, vegetables
literally licking it off the tables
capscicum, scallion, zucchini sampling
neapolitan ragu sauce enriching
dish to relish, pasta bolognese
savoring this fine-feeling of finesse
buitoni fettuccini, lasagna premiata
symphony of gourmet, a sonata…

Dear WordPress

You let me search my heart and my soul
To write of emotions within me, that I hold.

I have a friend in you, a confidante
It’s always your shoulder I seek, I want.

With patience, you have heard me rant
I seek the happiness, the peace you grant.

My writing has become my voice
That was once silent, but now has a choice.

The poetry I read here, fires my creativity
Gentle criticism soothes my sensitivity.

Some very beautiful friendships I have made
Lasting emotions that will never fade.

What I write comes straight from the heart
even the mistakes, unknowingly, on my part

But you have been patient, helped me learn
The warmth at WordPress, I will always yearn.


This is a repost. 


my shoulders
carry the weight
of the world,
my shoulder blades
are real tough,
they pack a punch,
enduring the prodigious.

squaring my back,
I take on
travails and tasks
of the psyche,
at the day’s end,
I lean on my own shoulders.

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