the hermit thrush sings

the hermit thrush sings

 in the predawn light;

last night’s dream

still in my eyes…..

60 thoughts on “the hermit thrush sings

  1. To be awakened by such a beautiful song. I love the image you create in so very few lines. The predawn silence, broken by the melody of the hermit thrush and half open eyes, caught in a world between dreams and reality. As I read this I am reminded of Blackbirds and Thrushes, variant of an old English piece called Hares on the Mountain, performed by Archie Fisher. It may not be of the greatest recording quality but here is the version from a 1976 album, Will Ye Gang Love.

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    1. The first part of your comment is pure poetry. Thank you , Al P, sigh sigh sigh , wish I could experience what I have written, but the best part is now I will head over to you tube and check out this number. Hope you are having a lovely Saturday.

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      1. Well, we had a severe thunder and lightning storm then a torrential down fall. Ominous only starts to describe it. Happy you are writing, dear Yassy.

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      2. It’s monsoon time here . So we are going to have finicky weather , it also gets sunny sometimes lol. You are so right , Al, but I am happy when I am writing and reading WP poets.

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      3. Yes it is monsoon season in yo t part of the world. Write and read on McDuff and let cry the hearts of poets

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      4. It’s okay. I am too much of a quote geek to forget. It helps that I studied a lot of Shakespeare in university.

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      5. Nah, I haven’t studied any poetry. But I have written sonnets too, earlier stuff on Wp , I have written a lot of forms. Lol slaved over it. ! It’s worth the effort.

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      6. I am not a fan of really long poetry. I can handle some rhyme, when it is used sparingly. If there is too much, especially monoryhmes with internal rhyme as well, i avoid it. I love poetry that only says what it has to in order to interpret a thought.

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      7. A like-minded poet. I love your poetry because it offer variety, is heartfelt, passionate and intelligent. I plan on scouting your archives the first good break I get from work.

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      1. Why? If you are surrounded doesn’t mean you are not lonely.. Hmm.. Haiku is often misrepresented in translations like Basho bee haiku. I don’t know much about literary aspects like you do.. Guess I could be wrong..

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      2. I’m not a poet(or a writer for that matter) .. But.. I do think I understand you, at least this is what I think.. I could be wrong.. But I suspect a person like you would only read original works.. So you must know Japanese..

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      3. Hmm.. I thought Haiku was easier. I wrote some of it.. For me Haiku was a moment that had to be defined.. Just a single moment with a subtle underlying hint.. Maybe I was wrong..

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