a summer rhapsody

transcending to evanesce, tantalize
bleeding a fervor carrying murmurs of
thousand cherished heartstrings to rhapsodize
unbidden cadence breaking to behove
a ballad that echoes from far embraces
quivering a mystical lure thereof.
a sun torching viridian skyscape
waking cordovan landscape to undrape.

#ottava rima

heart’s momento


like the spring that gushes forth clean and clear
the promise of a satisfying slake
anticipation bringing joy and good cheer.

faith is the souvenir when a lot is at stake
when fate may give man some pretty hard knocks
the promise of a satisfying slake.

sanguiness that overcomes bad shocks
fighting travails, then finding inner peace
when fate may give man some pretty hard knocks.

perpetual optimism, hopelessness belies
like an ecclesiastical beacon
fighting travails, then finding inner peace.

the soul's quintessence can never weaken
radiance that cannot be dimmed, put out
like an ecclesiastical beacon.

sparkling , illumintaing darkness to spout
like the spring that gushes forth clean and clear
radiance that cannot be dimmed, put out
anticipation bringing joy and good cheer..




people close to us
harm us the most
emotionally, physically
they do it so subtly..

I have lost faith in people
life is no longer simple
money, pride and ego
simple pleasures of life we forego..

A dog can't straighten his tail
but dog's faithfulness cannot fail
he is man's best friend
you cannot judge a man by his friend..

when there is no love, there is no way
no black or white, life is all gray
salty tears on wounds rubbed with salt
man's awry nature is at fault..


after midnight

softened whimpers
sparked by tribulation
fingers quaver as tears are wiped
stifling cries break the silence of the night
as clouds move to cover the sky
from lips a moan escapes
bosom heaving

# rictameter

Delicate Grace

Waltzing through air, this vision with beguiling delicate grace
Like a danseuse figure, poised, carving delicate grace.

A breeze gently embraces this fragile creature
touching nimble limbs, a limber accentuating delicate grace.

Sunlight streams iridescent on her lissome stance
symmetrically lithe and supple, flaunting delicate grace.

Rhythmic movements pattern fawn colored sand creations
nudging grass beneath, with a soothing delicate grace.

The boundless energy of this dainty, flighty antelope
as she ambulates gracefully, epitomizing, delicate grace.

Elusive, mysterious, uninhibited, she basks in nature’s fold
within a cosmos, spangled with, pleasing, delicate grace.

Her vulnerability fills me with foreboding and much fear
of bloodthirsty predators, massacring delicate grace.

Like gushing crystal springs wetting aesthetic taste
poetry in motion, efflorescing, sparkling, delicate grace.

I walk the jungle hoping to catch a glimpse of her
illumining, elating life with, sparkling delicate grace.


Floating free in this sparkling constellation
Spirit unburdened in celestial creation.

The heavens open their arms, embrace me
I am balanced to perfection, gravity free.

Needing my own space in time
Breathing easy, feeling sublime.

As I gaze into the stars, kiss their eyes
They shine on me with a wisdom so wise.

Hear my thoughts out loud, freedom’s voice
A voice of reason, a soundless rejoice.

Breathing space is emancipation
The Milky way, a galactic fascination.

As Higgs Boson captures my imagination
I float, intrigued, feeling need for exploration.

Mind over matter, in chimerical culmination.
Free, unfettered, an unhindered liberation.

dedicated to Kids Talk Radio , The Teachers of ‘Occupy Mars Band’
and VisualJazzOpera.Wordpress.com