when gravity becomes zero

No direction No home
who's that knocking at my door?
Feel like going home
Great expectations 
From dusk till dawn
The possibility of hope
You owe me one..

Destiny turns on the radio
It's Pat
Eyes wide shut 
Past midnight
Fear and desire 
A killer's kiss

double dare
Somebody to love
True romance 

Planet Terror
Sin city
Natural born killers
Inglorious bastards
Bringing out the dead
After hours
Round midnight
The children of men
The Goodfellas

Not quite Hollywood

Dedicated to my favourite movie directors

El Pecado

the night slumbers
darkness overtakes light
dousing the effulgence..

the cumbersome clouds 
tease the shy moon
as she tries to take a peep
from behind the fast moving 
grey curtain of flimsy ice..

dogs howl mournfully
as if knowing 
of nightmares being dreamt
on beds of comfort and fluffy pillows
eyelids flicker uneasily
It is not the sleep 
of the peaceful
whose hearts are engraved 
with the stamp of sin..
A symbol that has no identity
The deeds that spill forth
Bloodying the streets
Lasting but not everlasting 
Like all good things have to end
So do the bad...


starry night brings delight
how I love the stars' light
shimmering , glittering, bright
twinkling like sapphires
scintillating and shining
like lanterns glowing
through the darkness igniting
dreams that keep showing



a slight wind fans the mabkhara
the tent stands lone in the vast emptiness
of the desert,
through the shifting sands
time seems to stand still...
little sand dunes....picture perfect
in the deep brooding silence
my ears strain to catch the nuzzing 
of camels..
little flocks of sheep and goat
nuzzle at the grey green foliage,
dotting the sands randomly..
crows gather at the carcass of a dead camel..
flies swarm around..
the sky is blue as ever
in this hot arid land
the nomadic lives
in his oasis of life..