When I Am Dreaming

When I am dreaming…

I become a cloud in the sky
I go places where planes cannot fly.

I become a mermaid in the ocean
The seven seas become my love potion.

I become a butterfly in the garden
Blossoms sight me and are heartened.

I become an eagle that glides the aether
The realm of azure I conquer on the zephyr.

I become a ballerina that calligraphs the air
Nimble of foot, I dance without a care.

I become a gypsy that travels far and wide
My wanderlust is my compass, my guide.

I become the evening star Venus that shines day and night
The empyrean takes me to dizzying heights.

I dream of becoming Astraea, the goddess of justice and innocence
The star-maiden that brings back man’s golden renaissance.