I Unravel

Unspoken syllables 
Choreograph into
Sensations of motion
Flowing like skein
Against mind discretions
Like a gypsy child
Caught in bohemian haze
Traversing amorphous
I unravel
To balance the grammar
Airbrush the words
Scintillate the air

I let my poetry nourish me.


Personal anguish transforms synapses disproportionately

Painful trauma swipes discriminately

Pushing to self destruction.

Pain takes a swing at distress.

Post trauma seeks emotional discipline.

I Am A Dreamer

I am a dreamer-
Floating in the celestial
Between your world and mine:
Only to return to poetry

We meet on the notes of a violin
In the sepia of memory
Where the ink washes out my tears;

In the fragility
Of my breath
Your fragrant laughter rakes my navel
Fleeting in the drifting daylight

Catching my eye, a golden shimmering rhythm spinning with a dream

We create syllables
In the hues of blossoms
Trace of the nib
On virgin white
The color of my verse
In the rush of our touch .

Sunset At Sea

Flaming amber
Immersed in his reflection-
The sun.
A flickering skyline
Filled with charcoal clouds blooming with aurum scents:
A world of gold
In every drop of sea
Sun rays drip
Copper shadows
Into the dying light:

Sea sunset~
The night starts
In a blaze.