Life Is

Many things in life don’t make sense 
if you question life, it takes offense
‘call it fate’ life says in its defence
most times it’s at your sanity’s expense
living life has become a pretence
life throws a curveball nonetheless
you still pick up the pieces and commence
because ‘hope’ is something that life invents
give it time, says life, no more laments
life is something that time represents
like an hourglass in destiny’s events
slipping through one’s fingers, nonetheless
I can’t figure out life, I must confess
maybe I have missed the point of life’s intent.

Tipsy Turvy

So many blank pages 
I let spill on the Milky Way
I feel like a drunk out on a holiday
trying to find the moon
with my head in a cloudy commune
starry eyed , I miss the
short hand of my clock
hiding behind the long hand
of my midnight Knock

may the dreams be with you.


My being is broken and fragmented
Into a thousand conscious pieces.
Each breathing its own troubled breath.
Gasping on inadequate oxygen,
Given to it by the fragmented whole.
My shrink may call it a nervous breakdown.
But for me it is a depression, Of the highest,of the deepest
Whose roots know not the whole
Feel not the whole.
The thousand grey cells vibrate
In its own individual frequency
The buzz is a pandemonium
No synchronicity in its movement
Thought processes of innumerable reactions
Thus a hundred numerous equations That cannot be equated to an ultimate reason
Floundering for a rational return.


cerise comes softly 
like a glowing swan-song of trees
it comes lightly
like violet clouds in the sky
glossing berry-moist loam
scarlet the cornucopia
beaching under the winter sun
autumn blues
misty silence
sea gulls cry
ruddy hues
earth meets sky
in the north winds’ drift
my crystal breath curves
into a gentle poesy.


Queen bee and drone speed dates in their phone 
It was a rendezvous in a honeycomb.

Queen needed to make babies for the hive
Pheromones were her nuptial drive.

So a baited drone had a colony sown.


I knew a man named Gary 
I wrote about him in my poetry
But then, he turned out to be a bunny in a man’s guise
nonetheless I wisened and got more wise
I hope not to cross paths with a man and find out he’s a tom cat
because my go to feline feel is Garfield
he will always be my pet nonpareil
my carroty favourite is bugs bunny
he makes me smile cos he’s so funny

I went to Disney to find Tom and Jerry
found them where a can of cheese sat
both of them not an eyelid did bat
it was hide n seek n peek a boo
each other they did pursue
so much mischief they did brew
I caught them in a cheesy combat
Jerry fled the scene at the drop of a hat
Tom had to let go of the cheese he had snatched.