War Ruins

war zone 
death’s heartbeat
regardless of spring

people cry each other
into bomb shelters
sun crashes on bloodied walls
some screams live in the throat
some never survive to live

reading the news
I feel the fear
between broadcasts
no deadlines
for destruction
where leaders buy time
with destruction
bloodied peace offering
the dead become the dehumanization of war.

An Hourglass Flipped

Time is a word, time is many a moon
They say time is the greatest healer
This fourth dimension that moves life
Irreversible sequence
That writes into our soul
Moving through our hearts
It takes and makes
Past, present
Charge of
To create
A now that comes
Calibrating life
A fleeting unstillness
Touching a kind of open
Living, breathing the act of being
The before, the after, and maybe
The instant and the constant that is time.

# Double Etheree