• Silence, as poignant as a child’s cry,
  • Nursing a hope that can belie.
  • Words are emotions with sound
  • Written with ink and tears downed.
  • Silence laden with unspoken words
  • In a place where conversations are never heard.
  • Time hangs in the balance, running,
  • A maze of illusions , mute, spinning.
  • Soundlessness becomes timeless,
  • My syllables become rhyme-less.
  • Words do a tête-à-tête in my head,
  • Unraveling thoughts , unsaid.
  • Silence whispers to me in the absence of words,
  • Like a weeping child that has never been heard.
  • I look for you in the silence of my sleep.
  • Hearing the heart of our combined minds, weep.
  • Poetry: The perfect noun

    If I had wings to fly
    I would go to the scarlet moon
    On the wings of a diamond night
    Trying to live again
    Because the poet in me cannot die
    I would go in search of my muse
    I would go in search of eternity..
    Under an ancient sky 
    That spills the sun in my hair
    Wildflowers in my eyes
    Poetry on my lips
    When the wind sings on my skin
    Broken heartstrings kindle a lilt
    Clouds weep into the blue
    My soul goes sleepless
    As the moon and sun wake together
    Feeding my soul with ink
    In a silence that goes ballistic
    A quill that needs to be tranquilized
    I idolize thoughts that spring
    From poetry..
    My mind stops hurting
    I crash my hourglass..