Sleep Writing

Poems whisper to me as I prepare for bed
Like a lullaby I hear them in my head
I fall asleep holding my notebook tight
Clutch my pen feeling the ink glowing bright
I dream I am writing in my slumber
But when awake I can’t remember
To capture elusive words that run asunder
Many a time I make a wordy blunder
I try to get back words from where they meander
There is no paper, there is no pen
I don’t have to cross my t’s
And dot my i’s
I don’t need to write a rhyme
Or make the syllables chime
My mind let’s go and feels sublime
With the spoken word I converse
Dreams come to me in the form of a verse
A monologue
In a soliloquy
A symphony of my
Soul’s piquancy .

Trick Or Treat

Wolf like dogs howl
At elusive moon
candy clouds abound
Out on the prowl

Ghouls play foul
Donning ensemble
Unearthly assemble
Phantoms bogle
Corn mazes , hay rides
Haunted houses fear belied
Green eyed sirens
Black cats roar like lions
Ravens fly blading the sky
Zombies spook
Owls hoot up trees
Skeletons sneak
Ghoulish scenes
Jack -o’-lanterns swinging
Errant wind chilling
Silhouettes creep creepily
Dead walk the gloom dreadfully
A witch cackles , swishes her broom
Her magic hat goes vroom
Goblins, imps, pixies
Trolls, brownies,
Pranking Bogies
Lightening the pumpkins
Carving trick or treat
Being scary is no mean feat