Music And Poetry

a book and it’s pages 
bound together
like music and poetry
tuneful of notes
musings of a lone heartbeat.

37 thoughts on “Music And Poetry

      1. Thank you Yasmin. Your poem touched me / and thank You for this /so much because yesterday I sold personally my first book in life and the lady who bought it asked – Why is there a free CD for it, for the book?-
        I looked at her and said – What is in the book is read out loud and to the sound of music, the words must be heard, it is not enough to just write them! –

        Hestia, imagine how Your amazing words took my breath away today! You knocked me down sweetly 🙂

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      2. You are very welcome, Lubomir. And huge congratulations for your magnificent book. This is grand. I am so happy for you. You have immortalised your creativity . Generations will partake of your writing ingenuity. Poetry is divine and it’s fascinating this coincidence you speak of.

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  1. “POETRY is divine” – as always You are right Hestia and She chose us and to serve Her and write for Her is something WE share together across countries, continents, languages, time and You know best – if we honor Her and put all together those fragments of moments and thoughts – THOSE are the moments She likes the most:)

    Thanks! When we wrote for the first time a long time ago, I was in the hospital and I was broken, unable to speak and learning to write letters again.
    Thanks to You, Yasmin, all these wonderful things are happening!

    Never give up and be creative, we usually only get one chance, thank You from the bottom of my heart

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    1. Poetry gives us a peek into heaven. It lets us dream our little dreams. Music is a part of that dream. It’s an honour that we are able to rhyme and reason in verse.
      I am glad you are better now. Sadness is mostly momentary. Creative energy pushes us to happiness. And happiness means poetry !!
      Thank you for the motivation and the encouragement.

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