I Can’t Breathe

I can't breathe
You suffocate me
You cross the line
Eight times more
I beg you to let me go
I, an unarmed man.

I cannot defy
The power
Of the badge
Hell-bent on persecuting 
What is your excuse?

#  Shadorma 


I am a minority
You talk with your mortar mouth 
Your cold eyes search and question-
Human protocol....



Algorithm Of Hope

Writing itself word after word
A poem calls to me
In the sanctity of inspiration
Ambrosia of euphoria
I try to interpret life
Pain sets the equilibrium
Admonishing and still giving enlightenment
Wisdom often hurts
Illusions lose their spark
Future is an abstract
Precision clocks break up time
Into darkness and light
Time....hauntingly quiet...slipping
Into an eternity of anguish
Perfecting the imperfections of truth
Hope loses its heroism
Just an algorithm in the schematics of fate..

I dream of lines to write
My memories become
Traces of a poem.


Red is the colour 
Of blood that flows in our veins
It is not black, white
Black, white is not a colour
Just the darkness in our minds.

# Tanka

An old poem of mine written several years ago .