the color of braille


In a sea of ink
I drown..
My blank page…

I close my eyes–
the color of braille
on my breath..

journey infinite
infinitesimal peace-
the universe is mine

google lets me
ride the rainbow
my mouse cursor…


songs of dawn

Songs of dawn burst into my room
Blazing sunshine breaking night's gloom.

Twittering birds let me sing along
Flitting merrily into a ballroom song.

My kettle whistles a happy tune
Sending smoke signals to fading moon.

Tender buds unfurl to flower 
I retreat into fragrant bower.

Leaves on trees burst into green
Butterflies, bees sway and preen..

Sun stokes fiery trails
All day its warmth prevails

Sky transcends into azure
Lace clouds skim demure

Shadows waltz incandescence
Enchanted by day's luminescence

Serenading birds lifting gay
Beguiling promise of a new day..

Soul stories

There are stories my heart will share
With all the sadness laid bare.

I breathe the words I hold inside
With emotions that gently chide.

I leave a piece of me here for you
On this paper, words I drew.

My soul spills ink that covers miles
To your eyes to be read with smiles.

Heartstrings pull and tug hidden words
Stories unfold from memories stirred.

Poetry is my only preparation
I live it up with no deception.

I write my story with all dedication
Saying it all is my salvation.

These are stories that hold my heart
Little treasures that hold light in the dark.

With Jack and Allen in Mumbai

A city strung on a hot red wire
Wired to stay awake through mayhem
A hub of sound 
Faces of dazed oblivion
Above clank of day's machinery
Noses burn with pollution
Mosquitoes feast on polluted blood
The day's mantra is do or die
Voices drown in constant blare of horns
Traffic slow walks the roads 
As people make and break 
Zebra crazed ants
Running to work cubicles..
And the city's life line asphyxiates...
Trains grunt on steel tracks
Spilling legs on disgruntled platforms
Fog and smog and smoke 
Bleach the air
Teaching the lungs about breathing
Electric wires stagger 
Birds push, sway the electrocution
Dirt stains the shores
Flies melt into the atmosphere
As beggars and stray dogs
Nibble distorted food

The sky has a headache
As clouds destroy the blue...

Allen Ginsberg and Jack Kerouac inspire

poetry paramount

Like history unborn
The sacred beauty of words
Dancing like diamonds
Wrapped in immortality
letting go the burdensome
when words become stimulus

Language is born
As words spotlight impulses
Breathing life to dreams
Feelings become expressions
Poems ache to be written
Sparking violet of heartbeat.


starlight is my swansdown

Mid-way between 
Darkness and light
The sky breathes its hues
Into my meditating eyes....

Stars flicker like candle light
Putting finesse in the 
Pagaentry of a cloudy latticework
Nestling cowslip of a moon...

Time entices...
Magnetized by rainbows
Arching into neutron stars

Auroral starlight soaks me
Swirled around by winds
That whisper in my soul...

Starlight is my swansdown 
Filling space like
Songs sung in
Taciturn confines...

In eternity of distance
Silence of a promiseless night
Breaks my reveries....


Swollen populace
With countenance of lost mankind
When circumspect civics
Wage a tax carnage
Labor bleeds-mired by corruption
Screaming a testament of pillory
Laws are degraded, abused, coerced
For a people barren with hope
Beliefs lost in--mayhem of survival
Pressed for scruples..a panegyric press
Goes to press
Teething politicians condone
Lethargic consciences
Becoming peoples'
Black melodies sung in 
Avenues of stifled motivations
Hope rendering futile
In these times of perdition
Iniquity rises..


When yearnings of the heart begin to plead
Handwritten ditties flame
Into promises of electric attraction
Becoming concepts of instinct and logic
Between two universes

Poetry's impassioned plea
Becomes wisdom
Treasured bonding becomes a monument
Tomorrows are liberated
From theories of mystery

Poetry gives strength in the heart
Words become antidote to life's poison

In the quiet of my mind
I piece myself into a verse

Poetry becomes my glory...