Somewhere, Someplace

Somewhere between
Aloneness and solitude-
The sound of an ambulance.

The oxygen
A lifeline.

Primitive night~
The day never 
Prepares you for this.

Lost for words~~
The pause between breaths:
Filled with 

Fragments of thoughts;
Caught in the 
Lines of a poem.

The rhythm of 
Falling rain~~
My head fills 
With words.

Somewhere, someplace-
We all dream 
Under the same moon....

Perfecting The Darkness

Perfecting darkness
The night;
I hear it
I touch it...

The night turns alabaster in the moon's warm embrace entwining silver rays on a fluid rhythm of sparkling novae..Baroque stars circle moon...platinum gilted wrapping Lazhward fire of an ancient dappled night
Plumeria scents entice, permeating lilting dew drops dancing like nymphs in fragrant glossed time-worn skies.

Tinseled runes murmur
A poem whispers
Sleeping leaves scatter

Glimmering stars devour shadows of fog into an auric spell. Starbeams' mystic light echoes in the quilting of solace I find in my own embrace.

My refugee heart takes refuge in poetry. Time stops. I am asleep and awake at the same time.

On nimble feet
I tiptoe
Pirouetting like
A ballerina
Turning my night to a Sonata
The ink blurs into a Vivaldi sonnet.

I breathe the whole night in one breath......

Poet And Muse

I write from my soul to yours
I undress my heart to show you my scars.

Crimson-tinged words need no pages
Scattering into synapse spaces.

The pain spills as blood blue ink
Dipped in the inkwell of syllabic sync.

Hold my words close to your heart
They are my soul's oxygen chart.

I am a poet who paints with her pen
To frame my page with your name again and again.

For Posterity’s Sake

I do not think anybody has the right 
To see anybody as black or white.
To judge a person by his/her race
Discrimination is a disgrace
To humanity and to humaneness
Xenophobia is awefulness
Will man ever transcend these barriers
Erected through segregation carriers.
Have we been taught to see only in color
We have lessons to learn, lessons in valour.
What our heart needs is compassion's fervour
For all posterity to preserve, persevere.

Come To Me

Come to me in the wild blue yonder
Come to me in the azure twilight
Come to me when the stars are bright
Come to me with passions thunder.

Come to me on wings of cupid's dove
Come to me under a teal canopy
Come to me in a symphonic fantasy
Come to me with a potion of love.

Come to me in this rendezvous
Come to me, my shining knight
Come to me with loves's allure.

Come to me till dawn flies on wings of colored light
Come to me, walk my destiny through
Come to me, beguile me, light me up like dynamite.

#Italian Sonnet


Painting picture perfect paeans
Prismatic Peridot promenade
Pulsing phosphorescent poetic passion

Quo animo quixotism
Quipping quaintly quirky
Quilting quadrivium's quintessence

Radiant roams reveal rapturous
Rational retrospection rakes
Rumination's razzmatazz repartee.

# Alliteration

When Death Becomes

When bombs fall from from wailing skies
And bloodied feet mourn as earth cries
Cerise soil turns its trembling roots
To bury human ashes burned to soots
When bullets pierce the deep of your heart
When life ebbs flowing out your veins depart
Still, men gang around tables and, plot
Them miscreants, the fires of unrest fan
Their guns and rifles treat human life like trifles
Down here there are no dreams to be dreamed of
I just hope that when death comes, it's going to lay me soft.