infinite imaginings

a night without darkness
lustrous moon sweeps
horizon..opaline, the meeting
between day and night..
in the imperceptible silence
of aloneness
and the wildly pathetic
indescribable yearning
of reveries that refuse to perish

The immortal soul of my dreams
lost in the wistfulness of pathos

the haunting persistence of
a heart that refuses to find
any other speech than poetry.

I lose myself in my words
my words absorb
my infinite imaginings

A happy heart

I cannot be sad for too long
Fate simply cannot keep me down
My heart always comes up with a song
I wear optimism like a crown.

Life is but a short lived boon
Hardships have made me plucky
I forgive and forget too soon
I call myself happy go lucky.

My cheerfulness sometimes puts people off
They ask me, “why do you laugh and smile so much”
My light-heartedness makes them scoff
Sorrow is there, it will always touch.

But I feel fortunate and blessed
When I look around and see so much unrest.


unspoken syllables
choreograph into
sensations of motion
flow like skein
against mind
like a gypsy child
in bohemian haze
amorphous thoughts
I unravel..