my epitaph

I came alone

and leave behind only 


91 thoughts on “my epitaph

  1. Inspirational, read on my distant friend,

    you came alone
    beauty dazzling blinded me
    guide my heart

    you came alone
    i have read your legacy
    poets treasured words

    you left only words
    ere you forget me too
    now a broken heart

    hold my hand
    you can not return alone
    i am your gift

    you have more words
    i read between your warm breaths
    write your pen begging

    afore i pass
    write your words on my heart
    I’ll not leave alone

    i end now
    your tender words gone

    maybe sad maybe
    you have your life i have mine
    our destinies


    PS I will be blogging them ☺

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  2. transfixed by words
    transcribed immortalized
    i must follow

    wisdom is you
    adept with words a gift
    poets envy

    laid before the world
    your raw emotion divulged
    rapture exposed

    those words you left
    etched into my pounding heart
    priceless treasures

    guarded by my soul
    in the libraries of my heart
    for my eyes only

    every time
    alone i read

    Coffee time catch ul8r,


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      1. there’s parties
        then there’s parties in my heart
        haiku time dance

        the words dance in time
        to our hearts beating rhythm
        one two three and dance

        dancing in the night
        two hearts embracing love
        their party time

        life’s party living
        many years a jiving
        in and out of love

        you exude it in your words
        your party time

        lets dance
        our words will guide us
        as one

        the clock struck twelve
        your words your eyes pleading run
        i am your wizard
        i broke her spell 1 minute gone
        i’ll guide you precious lady

        hates not in your soul
        partying you might not like
        words do it for you

        i’ve partied
        my feelings i have explored
        twelve o’clock i’m done

        you do it to me
        you get into my mind
        tell me what you see

        pingback soon

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