Faucets in the sky

dark rain clouds now fill the blue sky
hiding the sullen sun behind
even as he comes out to try
to melt the ice buttress outlined.

the sky is just waiting to burst,
even as thunder rolls, lightening strikes
quenching thirst as nature is nursed
drenching well enough to suffice.

faucets have opened in the sky
misting the air with crystal drops
shimmering like icicle pops
splattering, moistening soil still dry.

dribbling into gurgling brooklets
splashing merrily on rocks and ponds
tracing small, tiny rivulets
bridges, archways betwixt dewy fronds.

i feel the soothing pureness pour
over my skin, into my soul
rejuvenating to restore
freshness of spirit as a whole.


Lightening forks cloud laden sky
Wind carries thunders' cry
Water droplets from heavens fly
Drenching the dry, drenching the dry.
Liquid sunshine pours down
Summer heat melts away to drown
Sky, earth having a showdown
Teary breakdown, teary breakdown.
Curtain of crystalline sprinkling,
Water droplets streaming, twinkling
Freshess of dew, glistening
Raindrops gushing, splashing
tinkling,dripping, drip drop tinkling.

Poetry whispers

handwritten words
drifting in space
enduring through different time-zones
in the pale of equinox and solstice
serenading to the allure
of vowels, consonants
narrating their
words dream
into pages
into eternity
celebrating liberation
of the quintessential poet within
rhapsodizing a rendezvous
kindling lost memories
nestling between