a starfish snuggles

a starfish snuggles

rocked by gentle ocean tides-

watery sand bed

62 thoughts on “a starfish snuggles

  1. that is a beautiful starfish. purple with gold edges and 5 rays. never saw one like that. crystal clear water too on a rippled white sand bed. inspired to haiku. more pics please.

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    1. Descriptive comment from you. I told you , you got an eye fir detail. That pic is from my iPhone , I am not loaded with a camera like you but you inspire me to do something with pics.
      Thank you , Eby. You are a sweet one.

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      1. iPhones take excellent pictures. i don’t have one but have seen people’s pictures on theirs and online. the quality and detail is exceptional.

        i’m not loaded with camera. i have a five year old Nikon dlsr and think i am up to 250K pics with it now. i am impressed with it’s durability especially with as much as i use it. maybe Nikon will give me a new one for free if this one ever fails. i could do a commercial for them.

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  2. i like the way the ray at 7 o’clock shows it’s hundreds of white tentacoles. think about that. all of those move in coordination to move the starfish where it wants to go. how does it even know where it wants to go and how does it make hundreds of legs work together to get there? what a crazy wonderful world.

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