Arely goes herbs

Once there  lived a man named Arely
Who grew himself a pot belly
He sowed wild oats in his stomach pot
Which thrived into a flowery Plot
His tummy became flora fauna friendly

They called him a tarzan heritage
The tourists came to see his advantage
Hé became a walking jungle
The herbivores came to mingle
Gobbled him up as herbage .

The Asshole Syndrome

Certified assholes don’t let down their guard

racists, bigots, politicians die hard

Atleast not in wars they perpetrate

Putty in their hands civilians fate

perverts, rapists to name a few

Climate change deniers are nothing new

Greta will tell you all about them

That’s why protestors like to raise hell

May their dying conscience ring an awareness bell

The twisted degenerate

The tight fisted renegade

The high mighty arrogant

The Belligerent

Deliberate ignorant

The holier than thou judgmental

The self absorbed temperamental


Psychic tormentor

Gossip mongers

Character assassinators

The arbitrator

Big headed Narcissist

Ego toting Egotist

Not to forget the plagiarist

Emotional Manipulator

Attention seeker



Two legged sloths

Prickly human moths .

Earth ‘s Asshole culture

A festering ulcer .