Born Again

Golden tapestry of dawn’s loveliness…a lucent glow of morning bliss

Sun toasts the earth to tan-rousing cuddled eyelids , feeling the moistened kiss of morning dew.

Leaves flutter like braids on an indulgent wind under a sky embroidered with crystalline clouds…

Satin ribbon of a zephyr traces rouge on cheeks to playfully trace the hem of my dress as I step on lush of grass –feeling the interludes of sunlight’s warmth…

Chorus of velvet madness beguiles senses as wings fling themselves on blooms and trees, trilling chimes from dainty throats– their beaks twirling on fragrance as buds unfurl ….

And the earth and air are born again.

Celestial Sax

  • Ruby moon;
  • A purple sky folds into stars-
  • Heartbeat of a turquoise twilight

  • In the blue coolness of an acoustic air…holding rhythms in the starlit touch of a gentle night- where dreams are tucked in a starship —awakening evensong of shimmering shooting comets…
  • A luminous Milky Way blazes into my eyes.
  • Neutron stars burst on Spring Tides… a moon-blanched beach glimmers on wisps of cerulean waves…
  • I feel the breath flow from my soul… caressed by a mystic, iridescent magnetic moon.
  • Singing the blues

    Inspired by Zoolon’s ‘ A Blue, Blue Sky’ .

    Thank you , George, The Lord Of Music and fabulous lyrics.

  • Broken -hearted people
  • Shelter tears in their eyes
  • Living in this world
  • With smiling faces to disguise
  • Pain is like flying with a broken wing
  • Swaying like a leaf in the wind
  • Life can just blow your mind
  • Feeling brain dead, smiles no more shined
  • Words don’t come easy
  • Bottled up, they burst like crazy
  • A wrong word here, a wrong word there
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow, I despair
  • I need a place to hide, far away
  • Where I don’t feel the need to talk or say
  • Finding my sad song, I’ll sing the blues
  • Finish my crying, I cut my heartstrings loose
  • No matter what, the sun still shines
  • The moon comes out, the stars enshrine
  • The lights never go out, come day or night
  • It’s only poetry that gives me delight .

    The wind

  • I listen to the wind as it rocks and rolls,
  • Over meadows, brooks, mountains, knolls.
  • The wind looks to the grass and trees to sing,
  • Stories the sky and clouds to the earth , bring.
  • Ancient fables of seasons that spring,
  • Tales of Mother Earth’s awakening.
  • Flowers breathe into the air.. glorious scents .
  • Gossamer lyrical song-bird presents.
  • Quivering voices enchanting the wind ,
  • Rainbow of imaginings spilling, tinged.
  • Vocalizing haiku- sun struck birds,
  • Draping breaths, ardor stirred.
  • Birds, bees, butterflies, slip-sliding,
  • Down garden paths brightly painting.
  • The wind beguiles my eyes, ruffles my hair,
  • Tasseled zephyr wands bestowing happiness everywhere.
  • Polity

  • Their hearts seem motionless
  • Blood gnaws at the veins
  • A wanton greed
  • Emotions like a hysterical fix
  • Pumping a syringe into the larynx
  • Shouting hoarse
  • A madness for money and power
  • Dying and , buried without.
  • Chartering people through promises
  • Like old diseases revisited
  • Unused antidote for poison stored in weed rolls
  • Like IVs looking for veins
  • A wounded society but never knowing it’s wound
  • A circus of lions, tigers performing
  • To an audience of wolves .
  • Midnight tango

  • Let’s
  • Tango
  • In stardust
  • Where twilight’s flame Soaks breath in ambrosial rain
  • Novae sparkling in moon glow’s cosmic tint
  • Souls exploding
  • Into love’s
  • Ardent glow
  • As
  • Stars ink
  • Silken lines
  • Eclipsing night’s
  • Interlude touch push pause dark to light
  • Like runes embellishing passing milestones
  • Vignette keynotes
  • Become songs
  • That ring
  • True.
  • #tetracyt