Singing the blues

Inspired by Zoolon’s ‘ A Blue, Blue Sky’ .

Thank you , George, The Lord Of Music and fabulous lyrics.

  • Broken -hearted people
  • Shelter tears in their eyes
  • Living in this world
  • With smiling faces to disguise
  • Pain is like flying with a broken wing
  • Swaying like a leaf in the wind
  • Life can just blow your mind
  • Feeling brain dead, smiles no more shined
  • Words don’t come easy
  • Bottled up, they burst like crazy
  • A wrong word here, a wrong word there
  • Yesterday, today, tomorrow, I despair
  • I need a place to hide, far away
  • Where I don’t feel the need to talk or say
  • Finding my sad song, I’ll sing the blues
  • Finish my crying, I cut my heartstrings loose
  • No matter what, the sun still shines
  • The moon comes out, the stars enshrine
  • The lights never go out, come day or night
  • It’s only poetry that gives me delight .

    47 thoughts on “Singing the blues

    1. Reblogged this on richwrapper and commented:
      On second read: (which not impels to go grab the Zoolon which inspired this), I must take minor issue with the last line…or at least hope ’twas more the poet’s artifice than the simple statement of fact: ‘it’s only poetry which gives me delight’ has to be a recapitulation of George’s basic theme. You who sew delights like daffodil petals windblown with your thrown lip-to-fingertip kiss give delights so true such a statement must be artifice entire. Like you wrote: “The lights never go out…


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