• Their hearts seem motionless
  • Blood gnaws at the veins
  • A wanton greed
  • Emotions like a hysterical fix
  • Pumping a syringe into the larynx
  • Shouting hoarse
  • A madness for money and power
  • Dying and , buried without.
  • Chartering people through promises
  • Like old diseases revisited
  • Unused antidote for poison stored in weed rolls
  • Like IVs looking for veins
  • A wounded society but never knowing it’s wound
  • A circus of lions, tigers performing
  • To an audience of wolves .
  • 102 thoughts on “Polity

      1. Thank you , Chaaya! You are very very generous, dear one. It’s wonderful to hear from you. I have missed your presence here and your wonderful poetry. But , somehow , I have always felt your aura even when I haven’t seen you here.
        Love and warm hugs πŸ€—

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        1. You are welcome! I think you put words to what has been heavy on my heart lately…awful political things here in Australia too. It seems to be just so contagious!
          I am doing okay, thanks. It’s late here so I am going to say, good night, dear friend 🌸

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        1. You are better than blood , this sibling bond is stronger than DNA sharing one lol ! Thank you , Gabriela, love the sound of that. It’s pure poetry sister saster !!!

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        1. I think of several things, but the one that I relate to is the manner in which I was so damn uncomfortable in my skin for so long. I often thought of it as my skin (which is, of course, external), but the skin is just the shell to what’s internal and it truly is the fundamental constituents – the blood and tissue and cells and electrons – that we have to get ahold of. And when I saw that I thought: fuck I’ve felt my blood gnaw at me. And, one time I came off Lamictal on my own and I felt this chemically feeling in my body: shear poison in my spine and ribs and everywhere. So icky. I thought of that too. It felt like a robot bug inside me eating me inside out. Gnawing, as you said.

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        2. I feel you are doing great because you can talk about it. And that is important. Get it out of your system , even that thing you are taking or we’re taking , it’s not going to do you any good, if I may say so. Finally , it’s all up there in the head, you just got to be strong KT and fight it out. Just gnaw it out lol

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    1. When I was young, I thought those in control were put there to help us all. Why would they fight so hard to get elected, get to the top whatever, go through all the scrutiny if not for the want of helping others? Now, Ii feel it’s all about what’s in it for them. And we are too busy fighting among ourselves. Either way, your work is outstanding. Big hugs and much love to you dearest πŸ™‚ it’s good to read your words πŸ™‚

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      1. You are right , Maggi. It’s all about money and power. But we have someone up there looking out for us and I have an angel like you praying for me , so I feel I am in a good place .
        I think your comment section is turned off which I understand , you take good care Margaret! Love you 😘

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        1. Always praying for you dear Sister. And always ask God to wrap His arms around you and give you big hugs for me too πŸ™‚

          Yes, I turned my comments off. I’ve been short on time lately, and didn’t want to leave peoples comments sitting there unanswered πŸ™‚

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        2. Bless your kind heart. It’s good to be talking to you.
          I pray that you are in good health!
          Thank you , Margaret, your visit always cheers me up , no end. πŸ˜˜πŸ’–πŸ€—


        1. We all write differently. You have a(nother) way with words. Sometimes I repost things as lately my brain hasn’t been to creative. Thank you tho 😊

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