Lips Wide Shut

Once there was a girl who got her lips stick
Accidentally she used glue stick instead of chapstick
She couldn't open her mouth to eat or shout
She could only make gestures that seemed so loud
Her behavior bordered on slapstick.

# limerick

For Nana

You watch over me with your signature smile
I hear a song in the picture you paint
Pastels for lyrics, rose red for rhymes
I see a picture in your song so beautifully quaint
You did it all in your inimitable style.
I still call your name in the silent night
The echo of feelings etched so deep
When tears bleed to weep
Your absence don't make it right.
There is peace in the silence of memory
The warmth of your embrace was luxury
I try to find my strength in words
It's an escape where reality is blurred.
Trying to hold on to what is lost
Forgetting is not easy at any cost.
Feeling it all slipping away from my hand
There is a lot that life can demand.

I will still call your name in the silent night
In this pathless journey, I close my eyes tight.

My Rap Skills Censored For WP

You slam-dunk me
'Cus I got this mother mucking around waiting for rhymes to grind
She gave me no vision
It was like being blind
As I played hooky in college
Provost made it bondage
Less than average, more a bore
So lame, I couldn't score

My fingers fidget
My quill raps
Gives me crap
A slap
To pat
Paper mat.
I became hell's child
Even tho they raised me nice
I can get easily riled
Let me show ya how I grin, smile
I go by the meter
When lines are drawn
The bottom line
Is when I lose my mind
If you think poetry is stuffy
Then you ain't seen a tough cookie.


Trellis swathed in tulle
Draped with mauve and russet hues
Ring-a-ring of wild blossoms
In winds that spill prose
Auburn flushed tangled trees gleam
Paths mapped by pirouetting wings

Exploding to song
On a chrome mist of thyme scents
Cascading landscapes' prism
Lacquered in aurum
A finger painted sky lore
Where autumn bonfires smoke.

# Choka


In the 
Loneliest tears
The soul burns
The invaded innocence
Fear created
Forgiveness hardly
Darkness breathes
Untold traumas
Vulnerability cannot comprehend
Rhetoric bent, bruised
Self-righteous life's 
Fatal doze swift.

Crumpled stars offer
Condolenses on inheriting
A broken earth 
Infinitesimal happiness despairs

I try to listen to my thoughts 
Standing in the cacophony.

Death before death.


Illusory captcha
Fleeting lackadaisical
Intangible spiel
Light speed
The Big Bang
The precision beat
Of a paradigm entity
Our knowledge finite
Realm of infinite vast
An exercise in mind exercise
To wrap ones head around..

Just Being Silly

Home is.....
Where your __ss is sat
The coat hung in the rack
Where you hook up your hat.

The rude nude...
When naked truth 
Looks you in the eye
From truth you can't shy
That's  life's way of saying
Your sanity I certify.

When hunger becomes mean....
My toaster burnt to a char
To me, looked like coal tar
Microwave waved a finger
Asking if I wanted dinner
So I gassed my foot in the car
Hunger gave me that much power.
(This happened on the way to the diner)

Labour room mayhem....
The gynaecologist swooned
When Mary had a little lamb
The doctor needed dopamine
Seeing the four legged bloodline.

Ba ba bopeep...
When ba ba black sheep 
Hit a favourite note
The flutist began to weep
The sheep had gotten his goat
That became an irritation in the throat.

Mirror, mirror on the wall.......
With my broken smile
I looked in the  mirror
I saw myself clearer
The mirror became dearer.

When sheet happens......
When shit happens
Puts me in a lot of jeopardy
I turn chaos to poetry
I make the breast of it
When shit happens
I don't let it throw me 
Off balance.

Floored homeless....
My bed threw me out
Burning the midnight oil
I burned the 
House down
I am floored.

## Burlesque.

The World Of Poets

As poets we have learned not to hate
Theories of race, religion we cannot relate.
A poet cannot be dictated to
We write what our hearts hold true.
From across the globe, we come to share
Joys, sorrows, burdens we bare
We are here today, gone tomorrow
Life is but a time that we borrow
Sharing thoughts, experiences
On a platform that gives new meaning
Learning to listen, learning to give
The tolerance of learning to forgive.
One cannot change the world with poetry
Writing a poem is a feat extraordinary
I think the written word is a thing of beauty
Where sensibilities find sanctuary 
The world of poets is a fine place
Here poets orbit as stars in the Milky Space.