My Rap Skills Censored For WP

You slam-dunk me
'Cus I got this mother mucking around waiting for rhymes to grind
She gave me no vision
It was like being blind
As I played hooky in college
Provost made it bondage
Less than average, more a bore
So lame, I couldn't score

My fingers fidget
My quill raps
Gives me crap
A slap
To pat
Paper mat.
I became hell's child
Even tho they raised me nice
I can get easily riled
Let me show ya how I grin, smile
I go by the meter
When lines are drawn
The bottom line
Is when I lose my mind
If you think poetry is stuffy
Then you ain't seen a tough cookie.

93 thoughts on “My Rap Skills Censored For WP

    1. I always thought you were one of the most gifted poet here on WP. I admire your work immensely. Your comment just proved me right.

      en-rap-tured.. well, you have me enraptured by that awesome comment. Thank you , Roland.

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  1. Raised me a hell child my behavior was never mild. Tried to understand the ways I cracked your smile.
    Life can cause even a child to be hostile… So riled up it feels like my life was deprived…
    Will a new life ever arrive?

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