Hook, Line, Bits, And Bytes

Around the globe 
In bits and bytes~
Safari’s window

Social distancing
Only got closer—-
Milky Way Binary

Between here and there
Holding of time...transcended
Stylus of rhetoric
Drift of computer jargon,

Space bound chatter
Haiku Bits;
Keys lost
In translation

Thoughts shape:
Shape of words
Changing shape of syllables :

Byte of metaphors, similes —
Forever memories...

Quicksilver Drifting

Quicksilver drifting ~~
Moonbeams drip
The gloaming:
From somewhere...
Sounds of birds
Flying home,
In the scent of a star
The fading copper shadows—-

Dreaming on a starburst
I defy my mind to write a poem ..

Turquoise Tempest

Under a frangipani sky
He brings Moonflowers for her..she walks the burning horizon..a shared destiny..burnt umber wraps their skin in velveteen secrets.
Ancient yearnings flame like wild flowers to reveal rapture of honest happiness.
His lips sparkle like Painite...sun on rippling ocean waves- the Larimar in her eyes.
 A scented zephyr grazes the small of her back..wrapping the vintage of his gaze...like a blossom that quivers...
His fingers curve her waist..they dance to songs of Calatheas..
Breaths torch into whispered kisses....a plumeria melody in their souls.teasings of honeyed reasoning simmer
They become the rendezvous of fluid lines touching...becoming the poetry on ocean sands...tempest of tide carrying them into the turquoise .....sparkling
Two ions whirling headlong into space
Syllabic constellations exploding....
A cupid's puzzle.

The Bear

Once there lived a Bear who could not bear
The fact that he could not bare
He was all meaty and hairy
And loved to be in children’s bedtime story
Like in all fairy stories dreamed of meeting a princess fair.