I am a child of the earth
Raised by the stars in the sky
Tended by the moon as I sleep
Scars of the world clothe me
Her wounds rich in history.

I am bathed by the tears of the clouds
When it rains, the wind howls-in my ears
When I cry-the earth soaks up my tears
A piece of my soul
Turning to dust;
And like dust, I rise
A storm of stardust
On moonstruck madness..

The sky calls out my name at dawn
Sparking the sun on my breast..

I am a child of the earth
The darkness and the light
The truth, the lie
Sorrow and joy
It's all there in the
Pen that I wield.

#free verse


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I am honored to share Lorraine’s incredible journey of hope . She has generously allowed us into her life for which I cannot thank her enough. I salute this amazing woman’s indomitable courage . Her awesome poetry is an inspiration .


On oceanus' edge
Borealis blooms sparkle-
A glazed east enticed....

Her rose-gold arms, she blinds the stars, melting Luna into blushing shadows. Zephyrus flits on rays of Sol, luminescing the Ersa.

Bringer of light
Eosphoros shines

I watch Eos as she streaks across the sky riding chariots-Lampus and Phaeton--trailing safron robes, she cradles undressed sky on mantle of glimmering lace.

She breathes into earth
Chastity of a new born day---
A special time.