In Hot Pursuit

She is always in hot pursuit of a poem to write
Silent words speak, thoughts take flight.

When her imagination runs riot
She loses her feelings of disquiet.

She does not seek friend, foe or gobbledygook 
She seeks only her pen and scribbled handbook.

She can sit forever by the gurgling brook
Sometimes,  she takes her place by the inglenook.

She seeks not hope, wealth or love
She cherishes nature and the warm sky above.

Poetry is the light that she can read
Splash of blue to golden to knock Em dead.

Her healing is found in these offerings 
When a verse is inked, know that her soul is flying.

Writing To Me

When you are big and grown
‘Tis better to cry alone.

So I cry when I am all alone
Till the tears are done and worn.

Then I write poetry and feel better
It’s like me writing to me , a letter.

The words I write lessen my pain
My soul’s peace I attain.

Poetry fills the void in my heart
It’s like offloading an emotional cart.

That’s the way I handle my pain
With poetry, my quintessence sustain.


My love for you is there to stay 
It drenches me all through the day.

I loved you long before you loved me
Loving you just came to me so easy.

I loved you all through the years
I hold you in my heart like a souvenir.

You bring the stars out in the nights’ hours
I pluck them, wear them in my hair like flowers.

My love for you will never fade
Forever on my mind, when I sleep, when I wake.

I stain my page with your name
I dream of you, my dream you became.

I can go on in this poem about you
Because this is a love I cannot subdue.