One AM Monoku

All the broken pieces of me make me complete.

71 thoughts on “One AM Monoku

  1. Yes, this reminds me of a devotional I read this week. It suggested that our scars are beautiful because they indicate healed wounds. Broken pieces are beautiful, too, as long as someone helps us glue them back together again!

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    1. Yes, definitely, Jan. Scars are healed wounds and they remind us constantly how brave we are.
      There is beauty in the brokenness .. I realize that nothin can really break you.

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  2. I was told by a close friend that they liked my poetry but it was getting so dark and bleak. I thanked her, agreed it was and stopped writing. But that doesn’t work and after a while I was writing again – dark and bleak but I didn’t show anyone. That doesn’t work, so I started posting again. I have to come from where I am. If it’s bleak it’s bleak but it isn’t always. Thanks again for your Shari, Yassy. It helps open up a pathway for me.

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    1. Do you know why we poets are special ? Because we write from the heart. And if there are people out there judgin you for being honest , then they ain’t lookin out for ya . You have to write whatever you want , D. Let nothin deter you from being who you are and from writin what you want to write. I respect your honesty. I hope you write exactly what you feel like writin. Bravo sweetheart πŸ€—

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  3. The dish thrown down by the proud and happy pappa at his daughter’s wedding, the pride of no-cry metacarpal restoration, the sorrow and silent sobs over irredeemable heartache, the joy of returning a chipped teacup’s found rim and the surprise when the owner scotch tapes the sliver to the bottom, saying: “honestly chipped: I wouldn’t even think of trying to unmemory that dear cup.

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