In Hot Pursuit

She is always in hot pursuit of a poem to write
Silent words speak, thoughts take flight.

When her imagination runs riot
She loses her feelings of disquiet.

She does not seek friend, foe or gobbledygook 
She seeks only her pen and scribbled handbook.

She can sit forever by the gurgling brook
Sometimes,  she takes her place by the inglenook.

She seeks not hope, wealth or love
She cherishes nature and the warm sky above.

Poetry is the light that she can read
Splash of blue to golden to knock Em dead.

Her healing is found in these offerings 
When a verse is inked, know that her soul is flying.

90 thoughts on “In Hot Pursuit

  1. I love the way this poem is in the second person, plus it reminds me of Paul Simon’s song β€˜I am a Rock’ where he wrote, β€˜I am a rock, I am an island, I have my books and my poetry to protect me…..’. Great poem, Yasmin ~ George

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    1. Yes, I like to try something new each time I write. Second person came across more interesting.
      Oh wow, I definitely going to check out Paul’s song.
      Thank you , George ~~Yasmin

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    1. Music is my muse
      Words sometimes blow my fuse
      It’s when I can’t get the word to come
      It peeps from behind my mind but obstacles are the blocks .. writers blocking
      Reboot nope just got hanged yikes
      Voot voot blimey bollocks


    1. Ah! You say such cute poetic words, Lee. There is a creative energy in your persona that fascinates me no end.
      Yay, we fly together , a sibling winging across turquoise clouds .. glad to have you with me sweet saster 😘

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    1. Yay !! Good to see you back. Missed you just the other day wondering where you were. I just visited your page and I am totally blown. Great work , Charlie. I think the break did you good.

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