Nietzsche-esque contemplations

Twinkling stars sprinkle stardust
From lattice of midnight-sky
The milky way sings to me
As moonbeams whisper 

Of passions that charm my breath
Fingers write down reveries
As thoughts pour revelations-
Lazhward shadows blend

Into time-worn eyes
Divulging secrets of the heart
Romancing senses
Bemused by the fire of words
In gravity of closeness.

night’s syntax

The violet indigo night
Shares secrets of love with me
Purifying the reason
In the red darkness..

In moon's porcelain shadow
Stars kick in consonants
Breathing and spelling the night
I ink my blank page...

Night's poetic perfection
Melts into burnished glow of
The grammar of poetry
I make touch my pen...


Flying high

Resting my head on a cloud to dream
I see daylight stealing the starry gleam.

I feel the sunlight pour into my soul
As I skywalk the heavens, take a stroll.

Wings of angels keep me up on high
On ancient pinions, I glide, I fly.

Grabbing hold of time as I drift
Following the sun and stars as they shift.

I cool off into a rain that feels like ink
I see my quill swigging a drink.

Pouring into white of a paper cloud
I ride into a rainbow that has me wowed.