Night slow dances into dawn

Lavender breaths float on starlight,
Night's effulgent moonlit trail
Beguiles sleep's headlong rush
To relish hushed dreams.
Night slow dances into dawn
When birds sing to the flowers,
Butterflies inhale nectarine
Golden sunlight streams.
Mountains laugh into the clouds
Showering ambrosial dewdrops;
Shimmering gossamer wings
Fly into the blue.

Though winter is upon us
Sun still runs in fields, meadows
November will take the fall
In Autumn's aurum lap.


Well, what if ?

What if...
The angel of death came calling on me
On one of his life taking sprèe
I would teach him the art of procrastination
And say my soul needed beautification
Heaven would have to wait
I would need to cleanse my heart
Before I would from this world depart
So that heaven could open its gate
Not treat me like a surrogate.
I would not like to die on a hospital bed
With tubes and needles stuck all over
Down my throat, through a pipe being fed 
Visitors putting on a sympathetic face
Turning with pity,and a look of grimace
It would be good to die surrounded by
Books, poetry, hope my poems last that long
And playing in my ear, a favourite song..


starry constellations
carrying thunder, lightening
renaissance of season, time
Hippocrene's blue
Mount Helicon's fountainhead
quenching the muses' thirst;
Nemesis of Narcissus.

October haibun

I embrace October's breathless thrill. Symphonies merge birds' tuneful
breaths, vermilion heartbeats kindle melodies of effervescent blossoms
lilting glimmering reveries.
                           cosmic collision;
                           dulcet energies
                           destiny's refrain

Canticles tumble from hearts pulsing, wrapping yearnings unbroken by
life's strategy. Crystal stars rhythm interludes daydreaming into 
night skies spangled with poetry.
                           pale of moonlight slips
                           a swirl of constellations
                           twilight's liquid dark

Fireflies trail the heath flaming a gentle zephyr that touches my 
cheek with grace. Crickets echo ebon air hemming mellow of sleep as
nocturnal creatures rouse.

                           dawn lures the sun out;
                           blue sanctuary 
                           of a rising star.