empyrean, roof over earth
where the day and night take rebirth.

horizon that melts as sun dips
and moon into darkening sky slips.

home is aquamarine blue sky
where the birds spread their wings and fly.

where birds hatch and cozy in nests
young ones from predators protects.

where the rain meets the earth below
moistening to let the droplets flow.

home is where the rainbow meets the glade
where pot of golden dreams are made.

home is the ribcage which houses the heart
mainstay till the soul doth depart.


Golden enchantments of a ligure’s allure
brightening bosom as chamber overflows
its vast reservoir of dreams, Heart’s contour
shaping quadrivials wreathed with thorny woes
giving monotony an edge, Forging detour
taken by wisdom the pericope bestows
on an unbelievable journey of hope
divine mystical force helps the soul to cope.

what if?

The angel of death came calling on me
On one of his life taking spree
I would teach him the art of procrastination
Say my soul needed beautification
And heaven would have to wait
I would need to cleanse my heart
Before I would from this world depart
So that heaven could open its gate
Not treat me like a surrogate.
I would not like to die on a hospital bed
With pins and needles stuck all over
Through a pipe being fed
Visitors trying to put on a sympathetic face
Turning away with pity,a look of grimace
It would be good to die at home surrounded by
Children and grandchildren.If I will last that long.
Going,going,gone,playing in my ear a favourite song.

venetian rhapsody

As lovers captivated by the Golden Island
Hearts transported,feet sinking into welcoming sand
Warm frothy waters caressing tanned skin
As couples seek this treasure trove away from city’s din.

As the magnificent orb sets on a glorious day
Frolicking thoughts and passions play
An effervescent sky casts a seducing light
On Adriatic sea somnolent in evening’s twilight.

As the night climaxes into wee hours of morning
Horizon glows with effusion of new day dawning
The Lido of Venice,a lagoon enclosing love-in
Paradise,a haven where romance will never wear thin.

shoe talk

His sneakers would squeal on him if they could talk
Groaning under his weight as he took a walk
They felt all worn out
Carrying a man so stout
He went places where he shouldn’t have been
Them shoes, literally let out a scream
So they gave him shoe bites, sore toes
Adding to his list of woes
They stuck evidence on his sole
He fought barefoot to salvage his soul.

the sun’s bed

  • golden orb slipping
  • Into a state of slumber–
  • sleepover till dawn
  • the sea embraces 
  • the sun drowning in its depth–
  • a magnetic pull
  • the twilight twinkles 
  • on the curls of rippling waves–
  • sparkling reflections 


Floating free in this sparkling constellation
Spirit unburdened in celestial creation.

The heavens open their arms, embrace me
I am balanced to perfection, gravity free.

Needing my own space in time
Breathing easy, feeling sublime.

As I gaze into the stars, kiss their eyes
They shine on me with a wisdom so wise.

Hear my thoughts out loud, freedom’s voice
A voice of reason, a soundless rejoice.

Breathing space is emancipation
The Milky way, a galactic fascination.

As Higgs Boson captures my imagination
I float, intrigued, feeling need for exploration.

Mind over matter, in chimerical culmination.
Free, unfettered, an unhindered liberation.

heart’s triad 

the moon glides daintily into the arms of the waiting sky, chaperoned by Venus at her side. the night clasps them in an embrace. They fold into each other’s heartbeat, stars sparkling in their eyes. Into each other’s heart, they breathe a song so soft…tri chord of soulful whispers, strumming a major chord with heart strings, their baton caressing a crescendo of resonance heartbeats oscillate to a synchronized crooning , intoxicated blood in veins running, from lowest pitch to the highest root, vermillion red, quintessences merge in symphony ,silvery moonlit liquifies silhouettes melting …