the sun’s bed

  • golden orb slipping
  • Into a state of slumber–
  • sleepover till dawn
  • the sea embraces 
  • the sun drowning in its depth–
  • a magnetic pull
  • the twilight twinkles 
  • on the curls of rippling waves–
  • sparkling reflections 


Floating free in this sparkling constellation
Spirit unburdened in celestial creation.

The heavens open their arms, embrace me
I am balanced to perfection, gravity free.

Needing my own space in time
Breathing easy, feeling sublime.

As I gaze into the stars, kiss their eyes
They shine on me with a wisdom so wise.

Hear my thoughts out loud, freedom’s voice
A voice of reason, a soundless rejoice.

Breathing space is emancipation
The Milky way, a galactic fascination.

As Higgs Boson captures my imagination
I float, intrigued, feeling need for exploration.

Mind over matter, in chimerical culmination.
Free, unfettered, an unhindered liberation.

heart’s triad 

the moon glides daintily into the arms of the waiting sky, chaperoned by Venus at her side. the night clasps them in an embrace. They fold into each other’s heartbeat, stars sparkling in their eyes. Into each other’s heart, they breathe a song so soft…tri chord of soulful whispers, strumming a major chord with heart strings, their baton caressing a crescendo of resonance heartbeats oscillate to a synchronized crooning , intoxicated blood in veins running, from lowest pitch to the highest root, vermillion red, quintessences merge in symphony ,silvery moonlit liquifies silhouettes melting …

Can’t thank you all enough

Dear people who have been so kind to me here,

Thank you to everyone here on WordPress who have liked my posts, followed my writings , shown appreciation and support, I am overwhelmed with all the support and am moved to tears , can’t help it , we poets are basically emotionally charged lot and it all spills on paper. 

Reading all the fantastic work here has been so inspiring. I can connect with all that I read. Honest and appealing to the spirit and soul. 

Finally I have come home. Thank you all . I am so grateful to all of you . 

My nesting place, my sounding board. Thank you WordPress. 

Remembering when….

I remember when….as a child, I spent most of my time in libraries, engrossed in reading. I devoured books and felt no hunger , food that spirit and soul were feeding 

I remember when…,life was simple, uncomplicated..with no mobiles , no internet . reading habits were inculcated . The outdoors gave creative outlet.

I remember when….games were played in the bask of nature , now video games are played on couches practically, a virtual world that we now live in a web that slouches.