Dappled shadows

On soundless feet, he stalks his prey
Camouflage gives reinforcement
Environment helps him slay
Blessed with a regal endorsement
With cracking roar makes his statement.

Undisputed king of his terrain
Predator that should not be enchained
From illegal poaching abstain
Their survival major campaign
To preserve, conserve and sustain.


Sunbeams tease

Sunbeams trace the blush of my cheeks
evanescing the tranquil pace of my breath
I clutch the quietness nestling my private lair
Hushed in tender warmth of eventide's lull
Luna's rosette glow embosses quietude 
Crowning twilight's veil.

Whiff of twinkling stardust
Floats from a mellow sky
Unfolding amber prints on lea
Like vintage violin strains
On dew's delicate wisp
Illumined by shooting stars
Beguiling a promise
The promise of a poem
Echoing radiance of the Milky Way.

Poet’s Narcissus

Eulalia enshrines the twilight mist
Like scented Bluets on my lips.

Blended palette of August eve
Pewter rain's crystal reprieve.

The air now, chaste, clean
I breathe into it, I see it gleam.

Wild blooms spill ambrosial notes
On floating, fragrant Amaryllis motes.

Synchronized flavor of ether flows
Cosmos with raw abandon glows.

Guiding me in time's unstillness
To find myself in etheric fulfillness.

I nourish my heart with poetry
Nuturing it sets my senses free.

These wars will never end

Once upon a time, there used to be stars in the sky.
Now, there's a gaping black hole in the milky way..
There used to be flowers blooming, now tanks are rolling
But flowers will always be there..celebrations, graveyards,
requiems, elegies- from ground to ground--flowers
When a white dove sits on the charred branch of an olive tree
Bidding farewell to civilization...yet generations will go
Inspite of the bombs and guns but nuclear may never give the future
A past and the past a future for history to be written, locked in
The future of what happened before, there maybe no one to write it down.
Because people will die but not all of the people will die, 
There still will be people to execute massacres in this
Circuit of concrete jungle.