thoughts shut in darkness
claustrophic mind in
the darkness of no escape
strangulation of rational process
of thinking , emoting
pent up anxieties 
knotting up in the stomach
the mind erupting 
like a volcano
reactions of shackled destiny.
defeaning silence of screams
that leave the throat , only
a gasp, a hoarse whisper
repurcussions of releasing
breath slowing leaving the body
for the timeless eternity that 
shapes destiny
hands that break and take
the depthof a person's fate
into uncertain beliefs of what maybe,
can be
impermanent life to be 
toyed with.

*written about nine months ago..

the light of darkness

the beauitful night sky
millions of twinkling stars
little tufts of grey clouds
wafting across the crescent
far away, I see a shooting star
I forget to make a wish..
the glory of 
the magnificent expanse
keeps me spellbound