forbidden tears

From slumber, cries arouse me
The clock shows the hour, so wee
Tonight, the stars give no light
The moon, eclipsed from sight
Secrets, the night’s darkness holds
The day veils, never unfolds
Stillness of silence broken
A cry from the heart, spoken
Echoing in my ears.
Lament filled with sorrow, fears
Nightmare or broken dream
Down my cheeks, trickles a stream
To a whisper, my sobs fade
Like the wind carrying them forbade.


my moment of incarnation

I have not given up
the courage to dream
and yet, I have succumbed
to the confines of fate..
I surrender to the fragility of life’s marrow
to keep the continuity of ignition.
The pen is my compass
I sharpen my quill
On my heart’s edge.
Raw, organic, potent, filaments
lines tumbling across
oceans, seas, continents
a telepathic inevitability
as wavelengths of syllables
forge an intuitive consciousness
pushing through times’s barriers…
communion of distances
blend into a silence
of love’s solace..

and then

I reach inside my dreams
and find your soul drifting alongside mine
we dissolve into
a mesmerizing fusion
unleashing desires
into a torrent
that seeps into a
replenished cadence.

#vers libre

behind the eight ball

Dry eyed, thrashed by the waters
In the game of pool
Life tells me to play ball
the ball has never been in my court
I have tried to be on the ball
It is like I am out on a limb
unseen chain and ball cling
At the ball, I take a swing
I hit the ‘eight ball’
I miss my cue, I miss my shot
‘nother foul shot, in my slot
some pot shots never work
and ethics cannot be shirked
If I had a crystal ball to gaze
that would put me in a daze
like staring down the barrel
of a smokin’ gun
knowing that the bullet coming out
would have my name on it
I would never turn tail and run

not ready to bite the dust yet
life is not all hard work and sweat
would let my hair down and have a ball
I believe in hedonism not at all
All I need to hear ever
my euphonic conscience peace measure