my hammock

Cocooned in a turquoise shell
A gossamer cradle soothes
Lulling to a reverie
In nature’s arms I lie curled

message en bouteille

Je suis marooned sur cette île

J’aime vraiment la situation dans laquelle je suis et l’aimer

Je ne l’échangerais pour rien

Vivre sur l’amour et l’air frais

Avec seulement vous en tête

Pas de faim me frappe

Tu me manques


S’il vous plaît.

Un poème nonet

message in a bottle

I am marooned on this island

I truly love the situation I am in and loving it

I would not trade it for anything

Living on love and fresh air

With only you in mind

No hunger strikes me

I miss you

Read me


A Nonet


Pitch black night, glowworms in flight
Hither, thither they fly, so blithe, so light

Lighting up the darkness, to my delight.
The flying beetles thrill me outright.

Emanating bioluminescence cold light
A panacea for my sore eyesight.

I follow the lightening bugs in the night
nature’s luminescent flashlights

Elysian night lit with radiance infinite
night breath torched with blazing spright..

encrimsoned skeyey

O Sun! Thou give life day in and day out
arching the sky, azure heavens devout.
Thee blazes bright wrapping the day warming
bedight the welkin hearth so bright shining.

Thy verve bequeaths all life on earth to breathe
illumes warmth over many like a wreathe
Thine pathways stretch through countless interlace
wheron the earth’s orbit that trails the space.

Natures transcends limits set by man’s thoughts
carved by instincts, fears of dangers are fraught
Thither gaze tarry on woven damask
vault’s vibrant hues afore the eyes abask.

Rising, shining, theron, at each dawning
dipping gracefully down ere ‘nother gloaming.


I am so relieved…

I had this problem for several weeks. I had fellow bloggers tell me
they couldn’t access my blog. It freaked me out no end..
And WP helped a lot..They have always answered my call for help..
First brought to my attention by Paul Mcaleavey and today when
it all got under control, I asked him to check my blog to see if there
was still any problem.
I have to thank you Paul. Been a good friend..not only to me but I know for a
fact that you have helped several others in the community.
Paul has an amazing blog
Many tried to help but I am particularly grateful to
When she couldnt read my stuff, she did everything in her power to help me.
several emails later, I was still jittery but she didnt lose patience.
Dear girl, thank you for your time and effort..
And a big thank you to WORDPRESS for getting things running again..

Have a good week folks and a gorgeous weeekend..


nightfall quietly descends as twilight brightens
dusky welkin, effulgence lighting darkness
heavens blushing with solar star’s afterglow
crespescule lustre

moon crescents to illumine sapphire lanterns
glowing in a satiny black swathe of sky
stupor of slumber wraps round eyelids to wreathe
a glaze of thralldom…