encrimsoned skeyey

O Sun! Thou give life day in and day out
arching the sky, azure heavens devout.
Thee blazes bright wrapping the day warming
bedight the welkin hearth so bright shining.

Thy verve bequeaths all life on earth to breathe
illumes warmth over many like a wreathe
Thine pathways stretch through countless interlace
wheron the earth’s orbit that trails the space.

Natures transcends limits set by man’s thoughts
carved by instincts, fears of dangers are fraught
Thither gaze tarry on woven damask
vault’s vibrant hues afore the eyes abask.

Rising, shining, theron, at each dawning
dipping gracefully down ere ‘nother gloaming.



nightfall quietly descends as twilight brightens
dusky welkin, effulgence lighting darkness
heavens blushing with solar star’s afterglow
crespescule lustre

moon crescents to illumine sapphire lanterns
glowing in a satiny black swathe of sky
stupor of slumber wraps round eyelids to wreathe
a glaze of thralldom…

oil spell

mermaid went fishing on high seas
to find a catch, went down on both knees
her boat capsized and sank
down it was all dark and dank
found an oil spill, sea of black grease

balancing perfection

time hangs in balance–
slowing down, almost crawling
as I walk the rope

doing a “freehand”–
juggling clubs, spinning plates
pushing wheelbarrows

mentally focussed–
my spirit endures the force
of gravitation

psychological makeup
of the mind and soul

an act perilous–
performed with effortless poise
the ultimate feat

hanging by a thread–
walking a thin line between
intellect and heart.

My One Square Meal

A Palindrome Poem

Like murdrum, seities are lost
Pullup of life, struggle to live
Denned life of misfortune
Income I eke, meagre paycheck
Survive I everyday
On succus, water and bread loaf
I search in my pocket for halalah
Forever thirsty and hungry
Hungry and thirsty forever
For halalah in my pocket I search
Everyday I survive
On loaf bread, water and succus
Paycheck meagre, eke I income
Misfortune of life denned
Live to struggle life of pullup
Lost are seities murdrum like….

palindrome words used are below

autumn strain

I set off on one of my dreams
Under sunlight’s pale golden beams
Meandering tawny meadows
Looking for harvest gold rainbows
Reflections in gurgling brooks, streams.

Trees preparing to bare their soul
Cascading leaves russet, brown fold
To lay down a carpet of gold
A nip in the air warmness stole
Nature hibernates as I stroll.

an old favourite of mine..