monkeying around

jungle had monkeys
swinging from the trees
then came a big chimpanzee
the monkeys didn’t fancy
they locked him up and threw away the keys..

44 thoughts on “monkeying around

      1. I’m batting 3-for-4 in NYC (0-1 The Bronx – but that was 50 years or more past). My last month-long visit just before the century’s turn and found the city muchly clean, the people friendly – got asked for help reading subway skeds from newcomers and that really tickled since it had been near 30-years since last I delved underground, and oftentimes people responded to my nods, my eye-smiles and I truly was blown away by the man who came about our car asking who was hungry, handing out sandwiches and apples and oranges, saying: “It don’t matter you got money, you hungry, take someting to eat!” But, Louis, I do get your point. A jungle has pretty well-defined rules and mostly runs consistently. Though I think Yassy’s work muchly a smile-fest and like the notion of monkeys banding to hand swift justice to a supposed superior.

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      2. Understood. I did not mean ALL of them, just many that have that NY attitude, don’t take it personal nor take offense to it. NY is NY and it is what it is. Some NY’ers just take way to much office to things.

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      1. Actually, the implication appears: Big Chimp…whom the monkeys unliked, but younosay’zactly dat! I took it as a jape and a jest and an exercise in lightness and frivolity, almost midieval-morality playlike in tone. In sooth, I still a-gigglegrin over monkeyupcommancing primate.

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