forbidden tears

From slumber, cries arouse me
The clock shows the hour, so wee
Tonight, the stars give no light
The moon, eclipsed from sight
Secrets, the night’s darkness holds
The day veils, never unfolds
Stillness of silence broken
A cry from the heart, spoken
Echoing in my ears.
Lament filled with sorrow, fears
Nightmare or broken dream
Down my cheeks, trickles a stream
To a whisper, my sobs fade
Like the wind carrying them forbade.


52 thoughts on “forbidden tears

  1. Cried with the words and images. Beautiful poem, Yassy. I like your description under your title and that comes up in Google. I don’t know if you changed it — so, either I still like it, or it just draws me in. Thanks, Yas.

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      1. You don’t want to know.
        Just a woman in my life…or more accurately…not in my life.
        Good thing I have the Super Bowl tomorrow. πŸ™‚

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