My Little Star

Like a guiding light from the sky 
My brightest star in the deepest night
Even through the day I descry
You shine on me with a gentle light
Miles and miles away, I see you glow
Filled with stardust with warmth you flow
You ignite my sky with a fire that I ride
Morning to night, my days and nights tied
I feel you as you blaze into my night
Like a bloom on fire, you are my scented sight.

Humpty Dumpty

Lived a man named Humpty Dumpty
He had two left feet, he was so clumsy.

One day he fell asleep on his couch
Slipped down like an eel, hurt himself ‘ouch’

But then he picked himself up
Sleep walked into the bath tub .

He did not drown, the tub was empty
As the water was out doin a tsunami.


Space-lit tokens 
Tangle virtual
Cryptic stakeout
A jarful of block chain
Digital spun timelines
The e in the emoney
Ether bold currency
Wallet coding
Currently hopium.


Endless epidemic
Made me weak
No exercise
No sleep
Made me sick
Sitting at home
Weary to the bone
Am always on the phone
Feeling all alone

If vaccine is the cure
I took it
I feel sick all the more
I wonder what is in store

Will death come before?
Or will they kill us
With another lockdown
Bulldozing the economy into breaking down
Sword of Damocles hanging on heads like a thorny crown.

Pharma mongers plunder
Throwing vulnerabilities asunder
Masses knuckle under
The big powers big blunder
Politicians puny worth
The muck, the scum of earth
Weapons of masked destruction, sanitizers , the works
A sanity rush going berserk

Destroying mankind’s pulse
The ruckus of a black fungus ..

I check to see if my oximeter still works ..