sticking a statistic 
in my arm :
my body becomes
another data

56 thoughts on “Shot

  1. Yassy… today i heard news in hospital…

    sticking a injection of feelings
    in my cold veins :
    my body becomes
    another cripple

    Sorry, when now i read your poem, first thing that comes on my mind…im in statistic too…

    I’d rather be in the statistics of poets. How many of us are there. Poetry vaccination works on all viruses, on life in particular, if the words are a virus, so what is life?
    Just another place for the infection, which we will prevent with poetry.

    Yassy, your poems are bullets that strike with infallible accuracy, great.

    Send roses across the sea!

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    1. Yes, I like your idea about the statistics of poets. That is fantastic .
      Poetry vaccinated.. I would be the first to get that jab.
      Poetry helps to alleviate our pain and anxiety..
      I thank you for reading my work. Thank you for your wonderful comments. It’s good to read you.
      Be well, Lubomir.

      Sending you flowers πŸ’ my dear good friend. Take good care.

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  2. I’ve been loving your poetry on tech and modern society lately, Yas! It’s so good.

    We’re all just statistics waiting to happen. Beautifully written and said. Waiting on my second jab as well in the next few weeks. πŸ˜‰

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