4 a.m.

4 a.m
Counting sheep:
I pull the wool
Over my eyes

85 thoughts on “4 a.m.

  1. Love this one – it gave me a chuckle. Here’s one about sleep in return …

    night terrors

    shadows on the wall chasing sleep

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      1. Especially be healthy, good luck to you! Poetry is on the rise, the world is changing, maybe the times of Greece and Rome will return, when Poetry was not on the edge … but in the center of everything! I just did such a crazy thing, just came back and it has to do with reading and Poetry and love for one girl … it was …. very special, maybe my love will appreciate it tomorrow !!!!
        I keep my fingers crossed for you, like to read your poems, everyone, but it’s hard because you know it, you don’t want to be influenced … I don’t want to copy anything, I want to have my own style … to let us know that WE wrote it! πŸ™‚ You in your world, i in my….:)

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      2. It’s been hard and is still hard for me the way things are but in a few months I want to put it all behind me. I hope you and your love live happily ever after. I hope she reads your fabulous poetry. You write superbly. It’s good to read your work, Lubomir. Be safe and healthy wherever you are. You can’t be too careful. Take good care of yourself.


      3. Take good care of Yourself , please, Yassy.

        Like my friend Paul say… -We live in the strange times….” Yes, its true, bye, nice day….and girl, the painter, sayin -,, Its work. Painting, writing, its work, i LIVED IT.”

        You know it.

        Soo…we we will work…until the end of times!

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      4. Work till we get a better life. I am working on it , Lubomir.
        Sending you smiles and good wishes. from my part of the universe . It’s all going to be okay.

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    1. That is a fine verse, Tom.

      I like the way you bring up matters glitchy ..
      That is why I enjoy your posts so much, Tom.

      It’s pashmina wool , my favourite.. it’s not itchy at all , as gentle as a feather.

      Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ

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      1. Merino it is. Thank you for sharing.
        Pashmina is cashmere woven from Kashmir.

        I just googled merino. So thanks again I had heard of it before.

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  2. 4 am. How many times have I had a word or two or a line or two come? Then I have to decide – do I get up and write them down? And whatever other words that come with them? Mostly the answer is yes. Thanks for sharing your answer to the call.

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