My morning

Mystical sway of sunbeams through my curtains wake me from the frail
Of my slumber. Morning is up and about, giving me a nudge as I saunter
into the gentle blaze of a new sun.I sink my feet into the coolness
of dawn dewed grass.

birds vow me with their
wake-up song;
beaks dipping luscious

I deepen my view to blosssoms basking in aquamarine, their enveloping
fragrance- fluid, organic. A flutter of wings explode into the 
crispiness of a minty air.

Iridescent trees
light up the morning breze:
gossamer wings shine

Summer skyline weaves similes and metaphors of dancing Anemone
Nemorosas. Clouds quilt a song for a lucent sun.Fuscias and 
Flamingos, rosewood and lemonade colors dazzle.

aurum rays pour...
my pages catch their
marmalade splendor.


blue-blooded dreams

Poetry will grace the pages to never fade
Memories of souls that played in love's glade.

When tears and heartbeats become one
Two breaths blend in one haven.

Hold my words close to your heart
Feel their warmth, let the pain depart.

The ink drains my quill to moisten your eyes
They touch your lips and feel your sighs.

The page I write on, holds my soul's fire
I pour out my heart and never tire.

My quill weeps words I cannot say
Eloquence in a glorious way.

I give everything of me in my poetry
Without wanting anything back, I have stayed free.

The blue of my ink runs in my blood
Hear my blue-blooded dreams crooning a ballad.

Honeydew dusk

Birds whistle goodbye tunes
For sleep demands submission
Light lingers, fades
A honeydew dusk
Hinting a purplish hammock
That cradles the stars
As clouds sway with unborn tears
Earth below thirsts

Waking moon quivers
In her flight actoss a black brocade
Taking a vow to shine the night
Fireflies spark a velvety horizon
Nuzzling a honeydew dusk..


I follow the copper shadows 
Of a moody night.
The night..yawns..wakeful
A blind stirring
Sleep flickers through dreams
Like the dip of a comet tail
When constellations define the ebon
Stars cavort a discotheque in the night screen..
A viburnum of words spill
Like gold roses in a statice bouquet
Time old promise
Time becomes a commandment of a forgotten future
When sorrow besieges..ruthless in its mystery
Fatal sometimes in its saga.
With viburnum of words, 
I ask sorrow to liberate me
Sorrow looks at me with affection 
And tells me, 'I love to devastate you'
My innocence begs to be liberated
From the shackles of boundaries..
My benchmark yells ' I never break'

A limerick gone haywire

A bird takes me flying on her fragile wings
When, up on high, she decides to sing.
Clouds pour on us making me cry
As we taxi a cumbersome sky
She doubles her bling as parachute sling.
She loves to rap, does a hip hop
Freaking out, I tell her to stop
Blinded by water, we bang into a plane
Death would give us posthumous fame.
With a shooting star, to earth we flop.

A love poem

My heart goes to a very special place
Where it can only see your face.
I place my dreams upon your heart
Feel it start with a cupid's dart.
Feeling you in every beat of my heartbeat
Giving my spirit this sweet retreat.
My soul moves to the song of your soul
We are two halves of a quintessential whole.
Our hearts in tune playing a love embrace
Holding each other as pulses race.
Touching without the feel of touch
Wiping each other's tears without as much as a smudge.
Feeling our way through the color of words
Soaking the intensity of sensations stirred.
We waltz together through cosmic space
The universe blesses us with love's grace.

I look into my heart and see your reflection
I hold a piece of you in me in all your perfection.


Time basks in the renaissance
Of a pulsing velvet air
Marigolds touch push the azure 
In crimson-gold blaze.

The day stretches before me...
I sit with my cup of tea
Under an aegean sombrero
Macaroon clouds flit.

The morning charms me like a
Living poem on wings of
Petalled blossoms sashaying
On gossamer breeze.

Songs cascade from tiny throats
Musicians of the ether
Warbling their euphoria
Aural nourishment..

The yellow ochre orb glows
Like a sunflower in a 
Lilac sky burning purple
A marmalade toast...

Twilight tiptoes in..
Preamble to dark's tremble
A night's belonging

And darkness comes swiftly
Unleashing silence of sleep
As winds tiptoe on fallen leaves
Shadows recede...

In the hush of night
I feel time's heartbeat
I break my hourglass
To find a rainbow.

Robbie’s beautiful reply to my haiku

I wrote
I press my dreams
Against my pillow

Robbie has an amazing verse in reply to mine
Moonlight streams through my window,
Enticing my dreams to emerge,
Golden thoughts dance forth
From the net of consciousness..
Check out her blog