You are always in every nook and corner of my mind 
you are my sight and sound for all I care I could go deaf and blind.

In all of my sleeping, waking moments I hope to find
to have and to hold an eternity of you defined

I feel reborn as I soak in the sparkle of your hazel eyes
letting me carry stars that explode from your hand as you write

I want to feel the warmth of your shoulder against my head
hear the whisper of your melodious breath

The essence of me is your quintessence that you bequeath
that’s the reason I feel complete.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall

Mirror mirror on the wall
Do not let me take the fall
I have fallen too many times
Even tho I have not committed crimes
Mirror mirror on the wall
Tell me I am the bravest of them all
I pick myself up and then walk tall
Mirror, you have seen me crack many a time
You have shown me not to be a paradigm
Not to give in to anyone’s norms or whims
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Can you see inside my soul at all
It’s not my appearance that makes me whole
It’s my demeanour that will unfold
I can always show you my true self
Be myself , have my fears dispelled
Go out into the judging world
and proud of the values I hold.

Lustrous, Shining

a burst of lightening bugs
lacquer the velveteen ebon
luminescing a night that could never be dark
gleaming bioluminescent
in a world of darkness
cruising lucent

tiny flashlights
in the nocturnal air
blurring into iridescence
it’s like the sky has fallen with its stars
to light up inky blackness, like
far off constellations
of blinking stars

# rictameter

Time’s Narrative

mapping of time
between glass walls
a timer without lights
mud trail
in an hourglass
sandstorm in the breath
of Apache Plume
a greater roadrunner coo coos
in the mesquite
I follow
the graffiti
of time
grain by grain
I let go


This April day is warm and sweet 
The sun on every tree does beat.

Feathered wings fly rhythm of waltz
Sunlight free falls azure vaults.

The air shimmers liquid spun
Splashing tangerine aurum sun.

I inhale an eternal summer
To bleed out sky’s aquamarine color.

April smiles at me from her bowers
Her smile drips of fragrant flowers.

She smiles at me from her leas
A taste of nectar from the bees.

She smiles at me from gurgling brooks
I drown in the sound the water evokes.

Her smile is covered in sunshine
Lingering, lyrical and pristine.

April brings laughter and freedom
Her gentle odes of dreams and wisdom.