Dancing With Blooms – Anacreontic Verse

Two souls dance
In twilight rain
Their heartbeats' divine 
A sweet refrain
Cradling stars
While the mist bathed
Their spirits
Adorned with blooms,
A fired breeze
Robed their skin
Soft elixir
Across glade
To serenade
A flamed tango
Gliding under 
Gloaming hues
Song of the blooms
A medley swayed
Handmade brew
Honeyed harvest
Nectar splendor
To the dancing souls 
Bonne-bouche woven
Fragrant feast
A rhapsody


The dotted page
Hush of your dewdrop eyes
The stirring in your fingertips
Giving shape to my thoughts
Your eyes
Wrap 'round
Woven hues
To lush a page
Eyes aglow
The ardent need to read
A heart to bare
Glossed by emotions
Eyes streaked
Turquoise tasselled
Breath sparkling like the 
Ocean when the moon hits
It at night 

Your eyes
A vignette 
Blazing, sparking
The dotted page.

On The Pulse Of Time

I love the time I spend with you
I want to do it all over again
Each time we meet, it's new 
Sweet talk never tasted better.

It's like being in a rainbow with you
You show me colors not seen before
Like being in a dream that may come true
I can feel the hope in my heart grow 
I just can't do without you anymore.

Ars Poetica

Somewhere on a page
There is a poem...

Language needs a page to hold
A poet frames the page
With his words.

Pain pressed into words
Becomes a poem
That's when language 
Comes undone
In its rawness
Organic,  abstract, artsy even

My dusky breath embraces
Thoughts of you...
Inside my dream..

The night makes a verse once more
And all I know is that
The pain makes me
Not the happiness..like
A shrapnel scraping my soul
Like a machete wound 
In an oil painting

My warrior nerves flame
As poetry inscribes 
My electrified soul
That is mine to keep

A breath of gold 
Brings me home

In the red rush 
Of unfinished dreams
Stars' heal
The fevered nerves 
Of my hushed frame .

The Oriole sings
in my solstice. .