The Sapphic Stanza

Blue and clear, the sky stretches over valleys

Cloudless splendour heralding summer’s fervour.

Autumn’s colours fade as the flush of summer

Brightens life vivid .

#sapphic verse

The Sapphic Stanza is made up of three unrhymed lines of eleven syllables and one of five. Each line consists of two trochees, one dactyl and two trochees. This line is termed a Sapphic. 
The (fourth) last line consists of one dactyl and one trochee, and is termed an Adonic. This gives a rhyme scheme of:

/. u.. /. u.. /. u.u.. /. u.. /. u..
/. u.. /. u.. /. u.u.. /. u.. /. u..
/. u.. /. u.. /. u.u.. /. u.. /. u..
/. u.u.. /. u.. 

It has already been stated that there are eleven syllables to each line, and also that there are five feet of unrhymed lines as well.

Haiku Yarn

Tempest on the moon
Storms ripple tides;
My eyes share water
With the ocean and sea.

Stars dot the connect
Once upon a keyboard
Asterisk, ellipses
Breaking the silence.

I carpe diem
So much confusion
Searching for the perfect word--
In poetry we shall never part.

Bard broken
Eating my heart out
That is so self consuming:
The clock's moving hands.

Short on oxygen
Human extinction
Dust to dust.

Playing hooky
Green behind the ears;
Wilful liberation
Ignoramus on roll-call.

My soul takes a breath
From your soul-
Rainbow's end.

Killer looks
Intrigued by
Your silence---
For your eyes only.

Song of the desert rose
Cactus dreams 
Of rain.....