the rose

The rose wows me with its brilliant color
An ambrosial sparkle dispenses
Transporting sensations spectacular
As its fragrance intoxicates senses.

Satiny soft petals, delight to touch
As I tenderly brush its dewy docile
Bloom that sways shyly in a perfumed clutch.
Nature’s redolent gift sent to beguile.

Sentiments expressed with noble token
Kindling emotions to yield, surrender
Even as blood spills amid sighs unspoken
Sensiblities spill rose’s splendor.

A sense of comfort prevails at its sight
Uneasiness fades as I bask in its
Beauty, as birds and bees glide into flight
Seeking its sweetness in nectary bits.

Graceful warmth unfolds in blossoming whorls
Sadness creeps into heart as life fades fast
Ephermeral emblem of love unfurls
A universality unsurpassed.

time to cool the earth

let us care for earth
the land,sea and the ocean-
this very hour.

water power for current-
eco friendly tech.

use radiant light
to generate,to renew-
the solar shower

burning fossil fuel
increase carbondioxide-
global warming risk.

the greenhouse effect
makes life on earth possible-
energizing earth.

ultraviolet light
filter through ozone layer-
climatic changes.

we can save the earth
we can recycle,reuse-
set an example.

time to cool the earth
treat her for what she is worth
keep her clean and green.