starlit glitters

Gilt aurum reveries sparkle,
Titanium beacons twinkle;
An enchanting glow enfolds
My soul in refrain that holds;
Cosmic mist in starry eyes-
Dreams whisper ecstatic sighs.
Gilt aurum reveries sparkle,
Titaniuim beacons twinkle.


my father

my father tried to scar me for life
deep inside of me this psychological strife
he vented all his frustration on me
my mother turned a blind eye, pretended not to see
he hated me for reasons I could not comprehend
i was the little girl that nobody cared to defend
home was not home but living hell
my time in school, a welcome spell
society saw him as man, smiling, debonair
wooing people around him with flair

I cannot bring myself to write in verse the abuse and harassment I endured as a child..I started writing poetry at age five and kept a book of all that came into my head.over the years the book grew fat in volume, I mean, I am telling you this because when I came to grade ten, i had a whole lot of poetry.of course, I couldn’t lug the book to school day i get back from school and I find my book of poems gone..I have never been so desperate in my life.I searched the house frantically and finally found the burnt embers in the fireplace..I did not even confront him..I was too broken that day to say a word..
But the brazen abuse continued..If the man who gave birth to you tries to sexually abuse you, what are you going to do? I was thrown out of the house on several occasions, often I would sit in the darkness of the night cold and hungry, waiting for him to sleep so that I could slip back into the house..At sixteen,I looked like crazy for a place to stay. Finally, I found a hostel run by the roman nuns, they denied me a place initially but after a lot of pleading they let me stay for a fee..

Because of the continued support of the blogging community here, I have been able to talk about this..I have been wanting to let go for a long time now..I think a year here has helped me, made me believe in the goodness of humanity again..
That is a huge sigh of relief from me, I am so happy I shared this..

sweet reason

Golden enchantments of a ligure’s allure
brightening bosom as chamber overflows
its vast reservoir of dreams, Heart’s contour
shaping quadrivials wreathed with thorny woes
giving monotony an edge, Forging detour
taken by wisdom ,the pericope bestows
on an unbelievable journey of hope
divine mystical force helps the soul to cope.


Today, I was pleasantly surprised when I recieved a notification from the
WordPress team congratulating me on my first anniversay with them..
When I registered with them, exactly a year ago, I never thought I would come this far..I did come this far because of all the love and encouragment from fellow bloggers. Each and every blog that I read here has inspired and enriched my life..
It has also given me courage and strength to overcome my vulnerabilities.
I am so glad I found WordPress..its been an enchanting journey of self discovery

It may sound cliched but I still want to thank each one of you who read my work and leave such awesome comments..thank you guys..

A Kiss Of Sunshine


A kiss of sunshine rests upon my brow
As the warmth of sun’s rays upon me flow
Melting the ice crystals that seem to cling
Falling like dew on blossoming buds of spring.

A kiss of sunshine rests upon my head
Warm fingers of sunlight through my hair thread
As golden heat courses down my body
To take on the day, I am now ready.

A kiss of sunshine lights up my whole face
As the sun glows on all life to embrace
Reviving a world that had gone to sleep
The sun never fails his promise to keep.

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