starlit glitters

Gilt aurum reveries sparkle,
Titanium beacons twinkle;
An enchanting glow enfolds
My soul in refrain that holds;
Cosmic mist in starry eyes-
Dreams whisper ecstatic sighs.
Gilt aurum reveries sparkle,
Titaniuim beacons twinkle.


sweet reason

Golden enchantments of a ligure’s allure
brightening bosom as chamber overflows
its vast reservoir of dreams, Heart’s contour
shaping quadrivials wreathed with thorny woes
giving monotony an edge, Forging detour
taken by wisdom ,the pericope bestows
on an unbelievable journey of hope
divine mystical force helps the soul to cope.

A Kiss Of Sunshine


A kiss of sunshine rests upon my brow
As the warmth of sun’s rays upon me flow
Melting the ice crystals that seem to cling
Falling like dew on blossoming buds of spring.

A kiss of sunshine rests upon my head
Warm fingers of sunlight through my hair thread
As golden heat courses down my body
To take on the day, I am now ready.

A kiss of sunshine lights up my whole face
As the sun glows on all life to embrace
Reviving a world that had gone to sleep
The sun never fails his promise to keep.

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Just Me

I struggle to put my words in a line
I gather them and mount them on a shrine..

Words waltz like braille on paper
Recollections are a heartbreaker..

And now I can’t feel my dreams anymore
Inside my heart, avalanche of words galore..

Lost in this world, feeling singled out
I toe the line, no rules I flout..

I hold my breath drowning
Overwhelmed by hostile surroundings..

Memoirs unfold in the depths of my soul
I rely on myself to console..

I am not scared of my demons, I face them
My rimes help, never let me succumb…

As pages turn like accoustics in a band
I hold my lines in the palm of my hand..

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